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26 & 27 June 2024
Royal Norfolk Show – Business
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The Royal Norfolk Show has more than 200 equine classes taking place over the two days of the show.

This includes three major Championships: The Horse of the Year Show Price Family Supreme In-Hand Championship, The Stuart Group Royal Norfolk In-Hand Supreme Championship and The Westover Vets Royal Norfolk Ridden Supreme Championship. The Royal Norfolk Show will be delighted to host over 30 Horse of the Year Show Qualifiers in 2024, attracting competitors from all over the country.

We look forward to welcoming competitors to the 2024 Royal Norfolk Show on Wednesday 26 & Thursday 27 June.

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Equine Classes

NEW FOR 2024 – Intermediate Show Riding Type (HOYS), Ridden Partbred Pony (HOYS), Ridden Junior Coloured (HOYS), In Hand Partbred Arabs & Ridden Light Horse.

  • The Price Family In Hand Supreme Championship Qualifier (HOYS)
  • The Stuart Group In Hand Royal Norfolk Supreme Championship
  • The Westover Vets Ridden Royal Norfolk Supreme Championship
  • Arabs & Partbred Arabs – In Hand
  • Arabs – Ridden (HOYS)
  • Cobs, including Maxicobs – Ridden (HOYS)
  • Coloureds – In Hand
  • Coloureds – Ridden (HOYS)
  • Concours d’Elegance – In Hand & Ridden
  • Donkey – In Hand (Also see: Donkey Driving class in Private Driving section)
  • Foreign & Rare Native Breeds – In Hand & Ridden
  • Hacks & Riding Horses – In Hand
  • Haflingers –  In Hand & Ridden
  • Intermediate Show Riding Type (HOYS)
  • Irish Draught – In Hand & Ridden
  • Light Horse – In Hand
  • Light Horse – Ridden
  • Mountain & Moorland – In Hand (NPS Silver Medal)
  • Mountain & Moorland – Junior Ridden (HOYS)
  • Mountain & Moorland – Ridden (HOYS)
  • Miniature Horses (HOYS)
  • Partbred – In Hand & Ridden
  • Partbred Pony – Ridden (HOYS)
  • Rescue Horses – In Hand & Ridden
  • Retraining of Racehorses – Novice, Amateur & Open (RoR)
  • Riding Ponies – In Hand (NPS Silver Medal)
  • Show Hunter Ponies – In Hand (NPS Silver Medal)
  • Sport Horse – In Hand & Ridden
  • Traditional Gypsy Cobs – In Hand & Ridden
  • Veteran Horses – In Hand & Ridden (VHS Direct qualifier)
  • Working Hunter – Open (HOYS)
  • Working Hunter – Novice
  • Working Hunter – Local

For further information please view the Prize Schedule above


NEW FOR 2024 – Any Other Breed section

  • Shire (HOYS)
  • Suffolk
  • Any Other Breed (including Clydesdale & Percheron)
  • Ridden Heavy Horse (Equifest)
  • Ridden Heavy Horse (HOYS)
  • Heavy Horses in Harness
  • Heavy Horse Turnouts – Team, Pairs and Singles
  • Driven Heavy Horse in Two-Wheeled Cart (HOYS)
  • Best Foot
  • Young Handler

For further information please view the Prize Schedule above


Exercise Vehicle

  • Donkey Driving
  • Vintage Vehicles – Two and Four wheeled vehicle classes
  • Concours d’Elegance
  • Family Produced Turnouts
  • Mountain & Moorland
  • Non-Hackney (HOYS)
  • Hackney (HOYS)
  • Harness Horse and Pony of the Year Championship Qualifier (HOYS)
  • Coaching – Marathon & Coachman’s Class

For further information please view the Prize Schedule above


NEW FOR 2024 – 1.30m Open in the Grand Ring

  • 1.20m Open Two-Phase Competition – Grand Ring
  • 1.30m Open – Grand Ring
  • Norfolk Area Trial 1.50m – Grand Ring
  • 1.25m Senior Open Competition – Busseys Ring
  • British Horse Feeds HOYS Grade C Championship Qualifier 1.35m – Busseys Ring
  • Senior Newcomers / 1.10m Open – Busseys Ring
  • Equitop GLME Senior Foxhunter / 1.20m Open – Busseys Ring
  • Junior Academy Team Competition 80cm to 1.10m – Busseys Ring
  • International Stairway League 1.50m – Grand Ring
  • Ride & Drive Challenge 1.25m – Grand Ring

For further information please view the Prize Schedule above

EVENTERS GRAND PRIX (including teams) Chevron

This exciting competition will see competitors jump a course of show jumps and rustic fences not to exceed 90cm, culminating with an optional joker fence set 15cm higher than the rest of the course. The competition has kindly been sponsored by Jumps2go –

  • 1st – £150, Jump, Rug & Sash
  • 2nd – £100 & Sash
  • 3rd – £50
  • Rosettes 1st to 10th
  • Jumps2go Rosette to every competitor forward

Teams to consist of 3 or 4 riders from the same School, Pony Club, Riding Club or Hunt. Best 3 scores to count. Each team member must first be entered as an individual to be eligible for the team competition.

  • Special Prize to highest placed School Team
  • Special Prize to highest placed Pony Club Team
  • Special Prize to highest placed Riding Club Team
  • Special Prize to highest placed Hunt Team

For further information please view the Prize Schedule above


The FARRIER COMPETITION returns again with 6 different types of shoeing classes for the experts and also apprentice shoemakers.

  • Sport Horse Shoeing
  • Roadster Shoeing
  • Apprentice Therapeutic
  • Qualified Therapeutic
  • 1st & 2nd Year Apprentice Shoemaking
  • 3rd & 4th Year Apprentice Shoemaking.

For further information please view the Prize Schedule above