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26 & 27 June 2024
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Equine Influenza policy

The Association expects all horses, ponies and donkeys to have an up-to-date equine influenza vaccination record.

They must have received two primary vaccinations which are given not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days apart. If sufficient time has elapsed the horse, pony or donkey must also have received a booster vaccination which is given not less than 150 days and not more than 215 days after the second component of the primary vaccination, and further booster vaccinations at intervals of not more than a year apart.

None of the vaccinations must have been given on the day of entry to The Showground or on any of the 6 days before entry to The Showground.

Please note:

MINIMUM REQUIREMENT – Annual vaccinations with the two primary vaccinations, with entry to the Showground 7 days after any booster.

RECOMMENDED – 6 monthly boosters. Foals 6 months of age or older must meet the minimum equine influenza vaccination requirement.